How to start your startup

access to mentorship, funding, and experts

An incubator is a program that gives early stage companies access to, investors, mentorship, and other tools to help them get established. While Accelerators “accelerate” growth of an existing company. They both may Invest in your business or even charge you for their program.

Here I will breakdown some of Incubators and Accelerators for Artificial and Machine learning startups. I have been participated in Tandemlaunch, NVidia and NextAI.

Incubators & Accelerators

Julia Programming for Machine learning

Starting With Julia

Hi All,

Here is a short intro on how to install Julia and Jupyter notebook.

Here I will be focusing on Windows but if someone wants, I can show how to install on Linux as well.


  1. Install Anaconda (This also help us download Python)
  2. Install Julia
  3. Install Library for Julia
  4. Run the code
  5. Hello World Program?

Installing Anaconda

  • Download Anaconda Installer

Go to

Data scientist guide to

Machine learning and AI courses and recourses for start-ups

Hi everyone, Today I want to talk about some resources that I have used or seen my entrepreneurs around me used to get familiar with AI.

Every day there are more and more start-ups that uses AI or build around them. AI has been around for almost 1950s and since 2008 with the introduction of AlexNets and deep learning, it became the hottest topic in Data science.

My journey to the Start-up world started with Data science degree. I finished my Master’s degree on parameter estimation for high dimensional signals (I am going to stop talking about it before I…

Artificial Intelligence Start-up Founder

Hello everyone, This is my very first post here. My name is Farhad and I am a data scientist and entrepreneur. Right after my graduate studies, I co-founded Notos technologies with Alex. It is almost two years since but stills feels like yesterday. I thought I share my experiences, the good and bad, and what I learned on time management here.

Working on your Start-up is fun, time and energy consuming but none the less fun. I had a luxury of working with energetic and talented people who made it even more fun and fulfilling. However, the amount of work…

Farhad Rahbarnia

I am the Co-founder and VP of R&D at Notos Technologies

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